Where I felt like a princess.

Hello, everyone!

I finally have a time to write another blog post after two weeks of full schedule. I also didn't post anything last weekend because I was back in DC. Yes, again. At this point I feel like a senator for frequently going back and forth between DC and South Dakota.

Anyway, that's what I want to talk about today. This time I went to DC for Marine Corps 241st Birthday Ball with my boyfriend. This was my first ball ever, and I've got to say that it was pretty darn awesome.

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Where my heart stayed. (And I came back!)

If you would've asked me three years ago whether I would move to Washington, DC, I totally would've answered a big hell no to the political city.

But it all changed after I lived there this summer. Sure, DC is still and will always be filled with politics, but I discover that the nation's capital is just more than that. I left my heart in DC, and I am now trying to come back there after graduation in December.

You can say I'm pretty DC-obsessed. I probably have annoyed a number of people with my "when I was in DC..." and "I know this place in DC..." lines ever since I came back to Sioux Falls. I apologize if I ever annoy you with those.

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Who I owe everything to.

Ever since my first day in the United States when I was still 17, a lot of people have been telling me, "Oh my goodness, Naras, you're so brave for moving all the way across the world" and such.

Sure, I was brave (crazy is probably a better word) for voluntarily moving 9500 miles away from home and all the luxury that comes with it, but I really couldn't have done it without my biggest support system: mom and dad. 

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