Where have I been???

Oh goodness, it's been forever since I was last here and actually writing in peace.

Well, I am still not in too much peace knowing that I'm basically swarmed by homework and job applications. Yikes. Adulting is not fun. 

Since I haven't written anything from April, I just want to make a quick monthly recap of what I have been doing in my life:

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Where I was living la (pura) vida loca (PART II)

I'm back! Here I am sitting in a cubicle in the library, writing this blog post instead of doing my research for my journalism class final paper. Uhm... Anyway... Without too much rambling, I shall continue my previous Costa Rican highlights post... Part DOS!

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Where I was living la (pura) vida loca (PART I)

First choice: Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Second choice: Savannah, GA and Nashville, TN. Third choice: Costa Rica. I chose the third one for #SB2K16, and I could not be any happier with my choice.

I went to Costa Rica with EF College Break and was so nervous to go solo. I felt like no one would like me, and I would regret my decision. I WAS SO WRONG. Everyone on the trip was really, really nice. They are just the cherry on top of the amazing experience I had in Costa Rica.

Without further ado, these are my Costa Rican highlights by city (part one because I have a crapload).

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