Where I was living la (pura) vida loca (PART II)

I'm back! Here I am sitting in a cubicle in the library, writing this blog post instead of doing my research for my journalism class final paper. Uhm... Anyway... Without too much rambling, I shall continue my previous Costa Rican highlights post... Part DOS!


We started off our Monteverde nights and days with a night walk tour through the woods. Our tour guide told us he had seen a jaguar once, but unfortunately we didn't see one. HOWEVER... We did see a scorpion that glowed under the black light AND A MAMA SLOTH AND HER LITTLE BABY. Monteverde was exceptionally windy that night, so the baby sloth was trying its best to swing to its mama without falling. (I'm still squealing hard right now.)

Two-hour horseback riding through beautiful Monteverde scenery? Been there, done that. My horse pal, Marlboro, was a great company. He only almost slipped once, and thankfully I didn't fall like my friend Kyle did. If you look closely at the picture above, you can find Kyle trying to get back on the horse.

Photos via Joe Flasz

Photos via Joe Flasz

A trip to Monteverde would not be complete without going zip-lining. Although I had done it before, but this one WAS SO MUCH BETTER. First, we got to do a 1 kilometer zip-line between two mountains. Second, it was windy, so I had to choose whether to let my body swing a little or to stop in the middle of long zip-line. Third, there was so much hiking involved to reach the next post that I felt my legs and butt were super in shape. 


So... this happened. We went on a boat tour on Tárcoles River to see crocodiles and definitely were not disappointed. Our boat captain seemed to be all pal with this (at least) 15-foot long crocodile named Osama. No big deal. 

My favorite day: beach day at Manuel Antonio National Park. Since this national park only allowed 600 people per day, the beach surely didn't feel like a mosh pit. Though, the sun on that day was pretty darn strong that 1) it was the first time I felt warm swimming the Pacific ocean; 2) my shoulder got a bit burned after being outdoor for a couple of hours. Also, be very careful of the wild monkeys because those little pricks would snatch your stuff.

Well, that is all for part two of my Costa Rican highlights! :)