Why I have been nonexistent.

Hello, hello!

Wow, it has been almost two months since I posted something. I apologize for those who were wondering where in the world I was. (Yes, mom, I see you. Thank you. Yes, I'll call you.)

So, first thing first. I had not been able to write anything the weekend after my spring break in Costa Rica because I was injured. I broke my left pinky because of a piggyback ride that went so wrong. Sounds silly? Absolutely.



So, I had to have a full-hand splint for a week that disabled me from using my left hand. It was hard to type and do normal things, especially showering. No worries, I still shower nonetheless.

Fortunately, I just have my left pinky and ring fingers splinted now! Now I can type better and am excited to write about Costa Rica on my next post! I hope you guys enjoy it.