Where I spent my J-term break.

Hey yo, people!

J-term ended and it is now time for going back to normal, energy-draining spring semester. (And it's only 96 day before graduation!) Fortunately, before hitting the ground running, I got to spent my J-term break chillin' in Minnesota with my friend Rachel.

Rachel's hometown is 30 minutes away from the Twin Cities, so we got to explore much of the cities.


Uptown is by far my favorite neighborhood. There are a lot of shops to spend all of your dollar, which is good and bad at the same time.

We went to the Uptown Theater to watch an interactive movie called The Room (which is supposed to be the worst movie ever) at midnight on the weekend. It was actually the highlight of our trip. Most of the audience seemed to have watched this movie more than once before and really know what they were doing. It was hilarious. 

Also, good thing: you can buy drinks and bring it to the studio.

Upstairs Bar feat. Vanilla Bulldog (Vanilla Stoli, Kahlua, cream, and coke)

Upstairs Bar feat. Vanilla Bulldog (Vanilla Stoli, Kahlua, cream, and coke)


Classic Twin Cities attractions that never get boring.

Okay, the sculpture garden was a bit meh because they did not have many displays. I assumed it was because of the frigid weather and wind. 

However, we still got to hang around the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry.


Although I didn't take a lot of picture, The Walker's theme this month is Hippie Modernism. It was real cool. Also, they have this hammock x Jimi Hendrix room that you can chill in for a bit. And plants.

FOOD (a.k.a. the best part)

I can't identify myself as a foodie, but I sure DO love food with all my heart. So does Rachel. Therefore, most of our time was spent to look for and eat good food. Thank the heaven we did.

PUNCH PIZZA (various location, but we went to the one by Lake Calhoun)

Hands down. The best pizza I've ever had. I am not even exaggerating because it is actually the best. I love pizza, but I would love it better if they didn't have marinara sauce on it. AND PUNCH PIZZA ANSWERED MY PRAYER. I got their Buffalina pizza bianco (as pictured above, with mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula plus I added red pepper flakes), and I was basically taken to heaven by angels with pizza wings. I CAN GO FOR DAYS WORSHIPPING THIS PIZZA.


Thirdwheeling so hard.

Thirdwheeling so hard.

The home of the original Juicy Lucy (although, 5-8 Club might argue). I truly enjoyed the explosion of cheese (warning: it's hot) when I took a bite of this burger, however I wish the buns were more... memorable. I am looking forward to going back to MSP and try the one at 5-8 Club.

So, that was about it! I hope you enjoyed reading my very non-journalistic rant about the trip that I took two weeks ago. I really need to start having a deadline. 

PS: My favorite picture of the trip is obviously this one.

I love Rachel.

I love Rachel.