When I am preparing for the next chapter of life

Oh, hello!

So... It's December already. Yay for Christmas season, chunky sweaters, and hot chocolate, but I'm also still waiting to hear back about my future job and preparing for finals week.

Additionally, I only have 3 full school days left (including today) and 9 days until I leave Sioux Falls, my home away from home for the past three and a half years, for good.

Oh, boy.

While my future job is still a blur, what I know for sure is I am going to go on a road trip with Lucas, my boyfriend and travel buddy, from South Dakota to Washington, D.C. We are going to make pit stops in Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. I'm so pumped!

Once we're in D.C., I am hoping to have something lined up for my career. Fingers crossed. @HR people: call me, beep me. Pls.

However, now I am just focusing hard on my finals and taking care of this small thing called graduation. I, however, didn't forget to take time to relax. Maria and I went to visit our friend, Rachel, in Owatonna, MN. 

Homemade pizza night!

Homemade pizza night!

Nonetheless, I am currently trying to finish everything one by one. Am I overwhelmed? Absolutely. However, this is my very, very last sprint to the finish line. This is all of my hard work, blood and tears coming to the end of the road. 

Wish me luck, guys.