Where I felt like a princess.

Hello, everyone!

I finally have a time to write another blog post after two weeks of full schedule. I also didn't post anything last weekend because I was back in DC. Yes, again. At this point I feel like a senator for frequently going back and forth between DC and South Dakota.

Anyway, that's what I want to talk about today. This time I went to DC for Marine Corps 241st Birthday Ball with my boyfriend. This was my first ball ever, and I've got to say that it was pretty darn awesome.

Me and my wonderful, one and only date, Lucas Connelly.

Me and my wonderful, one and only date, Lucas Connelly.

I know it was my boyfriend's event, but hey, I was the one that had to prepare everything ahead of time. By ahead of time I mean one month in advance. I found my dress and shoes for the ball at Missguided for reasonable prices. Although, since I'm pretty petite, I had to get the dress altered for its length. #shortgirlsprobs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

On the day of the ball, I got my nails and hair done at Color Touch Hair and Nail, and then I did my own make up at Lucas' apartment. I was really proud of myself, you guys.

We arrived just before the ceremony started and sat at our table. The opening ceremony included Marine Corps anniversary video, speeches and cake cutting. The speeches were actually fun since one guy also included ice-breaking games with WINE as prizes.

Unfortunately, I didn't win in the category of guest who traveled the furthest. One guy flew from St. Petersburg, Russia. I should've said I flew from Indonesia.



Anyway, after that we went to get 3-course dinner, but I didn't get to the dessert part (surprising, I know.) because the DJ started to play music. I had to join in on the dance floor when I finished my meal and the DJ played Beyoncé. 

After that, we took an official picture. We were for sure one good-looking couple.

We went dancing for a little more after the picture, and then called it a night. I told Luke I deserved a foot massage because I survived dancing around in my 4.5" heels. Props to me.

I flew back to South Dakota on Monday, and now I'm trying to get a lot of stuff done before Thanksgiving break. I can't believe that my semester is going to end about two weeks after Thanksgiving. It's going to fly by so fast, I can feel it!

Now I am going to apply for more jobs because I reaaaally need one after graduation. Thanks for reading, guys! Have a great weekend.