Where have I been???

Oh goodness, it's been forever since I was last here and actually writing in peace.

Well, I am still not in too much peace knowing that I'm basically swarmed by homework and job applications. Yikes. Adulting is not fun. 

Since I haven't written anything from April, I just want to make a quick monthly recap of what I have been doing in my life:

  • May: I walked at the graduation. (And no, I'm not done yet, I'll be done in December!)
  • June: I started my internship at Voice of America in Washington, D.C. and went to New York to see Anderson .Paak and Disclosure.
  • July: Lucas and I started dating, and I found the best Indonesian restaurant in Philadelphia.
  • August: I finished my internship, spent my last night in DC at Drake's "Summer Sixteen" concert and went back to Indonesia for a week. (The jetlag was unreal.)
  • September: I kicked off my very last semester at Augustana University!
Drake sings "Just Hold On, We're Going Home" on the lift. 

Drake sings "Just Hold On, We're Going Home" on the lift. 

thought taking 16 credits with 4 of them being my summer internship and yearbook credits would be easy... NOT SO MUCH. I have been really busy applying for OPT (that one-year working permit for international students to gain experience in the States after graduation) and jobs. People around me have been really helpful and patient, so I feel #blessed to have them around or else I would go nuts. 

However, I am excited to go back to DC for ACP National College Media Convention with my Augie yearbook and newspaper crew on October 20. I even got into their White House tour guest list. #fancy

Anyway, that is all that I can offer for tonight. I promise to put more blog posts from now on. I even have the next planned on my phone so I don't forget!

Have a great evening, people <3