Where I finally found peace.

Oh. My. God.

I can't believe that the last blog post was 10 months ago. I must have been either really busy or really lazy.

I actually have been really busy. As a lot of people now know, the reason I took a year off was because I had my little (okay, not so little. He's a bundle of fat and joy.) Aiden, back in Indonesia. Kiddo will turn one in 8 days!

My favorite maternity picture by  Bysae

My favorite maternity picture by Bysae

I'll get back to baby Aiden later.

Anyway, I am now 21 years old (legal age, woop woop) and back in good ol' Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to finish my bachelor's degree in Journalism. I'm actually writing this as a way to procrastinate from my history class reading.

Other than 100-level plus English and journalism classes, I've been busied with my job as a yearbook co-editor and secretary for school pride group. In February, I also will be responsible as a rider for the concert that my school organizes.

To add more stress to my life, I also need to figure out my commencement plan and an internship for the following summer. Also, Black Friday and winter break trip to Portland and Seattle in two weeks drained my bank account. Lord, give me strength.

As stressful as it sounds like, this semester has been really well. There was a lot of adjustment back in the States and at Augie (like we changed our school's name from Augustana College to Augustana University), nonetheless people here make me feel like I am home. As it has always been.

Okay. Back to baby Aiden.

The latest picture of Aiden my parents sent me.

The latest picture of Aiden my parents sent me.

The year back in Indonesia was not always sunshine and rainbow. The hardest part for me was not letting a lot of people know, because back home the idea of having a baby outside of marriage was considered... taboo, I would say.

However, as times went by, I learned to not care about others too much and focused on people I care about, such as my family, close friends, and ultimately, Aiden himself.

I also could not do this without the help of my family. I cannot thank them enough. Ever. They are the reason I was brave and strong enough to face everything that happened from the beginning. Mom, dad, and brother, you are the bomb dot com. I love you so darn much.

Also, shoutout to my family helpers, Mbak Yah, Mbak Kar, Pak Yanto, and Pak Rakum.

Anyway, I am now really, really happy. I am in peace with myself and free from all those negative thoughts. I am probably the happiest I've ever been because I feel really blessed to have Aiden in my life, plus my parents still support me to pursue my education and promise to take care of the baby until I figure out life after college.

So, lesson for today: something bad in life will turn into a gift. I promise. It sounds super cliché, but keep your head up and see the positive side of life. Life is good. You are blessed.