Where it all starts.

Hello people who are kind enough to stop by!

This is how I look like.

This is how I look like.

So it all began in midst of doing my journalism magazine analysis paper. I was stuck on writing and I suddenly thought, "I should make a website."

I remembered about making a photoblog because Mike Reszler, VP for digital media at American Public Media Group, encouraged me to make one after knowing my passion of photography during my school's journalism major small gathering. So, here I am.

My theme of this website is "where." I love traveling more than I love doing anything else (besides taking a nap and eating, obviously) and I am fortunate enough to be able to travel places.

I chose "where" because where does not only explain one's physical location but also one's psychological and chronological location (okay, chronological should be "when"). This website will show you where I am in the world and where I am in one point of my life.


X Naras